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Thank you for visiting my website.  I write contemporary women's fiction.  Since 2007 I have completed six novels, all of which are available from and in both PAPERBACK and KINDLE editions. Story details below.






Meeting Blake Hennessey in New York changes Hazel Munro’s life forever. He is the charismatic, sophisticated boss of the advertising company she works for. She is immediately smitten and is astonished when she realises he feels the same way! His friend Zac thinks she is a blatant gold-digger, but when Blake proposes to her, there is a much bigger bone of contention – where the two of them will live. Hazel’s home is in Scotland and she has no intention of moving to Manhattan.

Sparks fly when Hazel realises exactly what Blake’s “compromise” is on this issue and the future doesn’t look quite so rosy for either of them.

A personal shock forces Hazel to deal with a life-changing situation, which alters her point of view. Meanwhile, however, Blake has developed a major problem of his own. He is heading down a long, dark tunnel. Can Hazel reach him in time to avert disaster and save him from himself?

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Lola's Money


Lola French is stunned when she wins millions on the Lottery and is sure all her dreams are about to come true. Before she even claims her winnings, however, she separates abruptly and acrimoniously from the man she has been living with.

Tom, a work colleague Lola really likes, asks her out, but he does it on the day that news of her win spreads through the office and she sadly turns him down.

When Lola and her mother excitedly set off on a Mediterranean cruise, they both meet men they are interested in. However, their dream holiday catapults them into a series of dramatic events that neither of them will ever forget. When she eventually has to return to reality, Lola unexpectedly finds herself involved with Tom again! But the storm clouds are looming overhead, and as the recent past catches up with her and she confronts danger once more, Tom is terrified that he won’t be able to reach her in time.


To read first chapter of Lola's Money on this website, click here: Ch1 Lola's Money
BEST FIVE-STAR REVIEW (Goodreads) : Melissa Parkin  -  Won this book through a giveaway, and I'm so happy I did! Great portrayal of the VERY likable lead character. It's a terrific read worth devouring with a unique premise that has you drawn in by Lola's humbleness. Can't wait to read more by Ms. Rae.


Three sisters, April, Belinda and June, have lived together happily in their Glasgow home until the day that April introduces her boyfriend Scott to her family – and Belinda falls for him. She eventually admits to herself that she’s in love with him – at the same time as her sister becomes engaged to him!

When Scott helps Belinda with some difficult family problems, she falls even deeper under his spell, but becomes reluctantly engaged to her own boyfriend Jim. Scott and Belinda draw closer as they desperately try to stop Belinda’s friend from becoming suicidal. Just as Scott finally admits he loves Belinda, Fate strikes again. If they had felt trapped before, it’s nothing to how they feel when a traumatic situation brings events to a dramatic, life-changing conclusion.


To read Chapter 1 on this website, click on link:  AM Chapter 1

BEST FIVE-STAR REVIEW (Amazon) - Lorraine Sutherland:

A thrilling and thoroughly enjoyable read. Gives an insight to a normal family life living in the city of Glasgow. Especially centring on the lives of three sisters. The twists and turns were incredible and the unexpected ending in the building society was the icing on the cake for me.

Spellbinding, thrilling, brilliant and I would recommend this book to anyone.

Karen's Affair

Karen and Amber are both in their thirties and work together in the Paddington area of London.  Amber has been in love with her colleague Richard for years, but he has never taken any notice of her. Karen is married and has a teenage daughter. Because Karen is bored with her marriage she has been conducting an affair for some time, against Amber's advice. Her lover is exciting, dynamic and passionate. Karen is sure she has married the wrong man and has high hopes that she and her lover will soon be together permanently.

Following the break-up of her marriage, Karen's daughter tells her she does not want to see her any more; so Karen is delighted when she does eventually agree to meet her partner. But when this happens, events transpire which no one could have foreseen and Karen's life is left in tatters. Her pent-up rage causes her to wreak revenge on her ex-lover - with devastating results.

Click this link to read the first chapter, on this website : KA Chapter 1


5-STAR REVIEW on Amazon

Another great read from Rosanna Rae. Intriguing, creative, wrestling with your emotions and imagination. A “can’t put it down” book.  Thoroughly enjoyable. I would recommend to anyone.

Jo's Dilemma


Jo and Steph are attractive young friends who work together in Edinburgh. Jo has always dreamed of marrying a wealthy man, whereas Steph is already married but is tired of her husband’s unfounded jealousy. When Jo starts seeing Ashley – handsome, affluent and generous – Steph finds her poverty and her husband’s bad moods unbearable, and the women’s friendship suffers. Jo finds herself attracted to Ash’s cousin Brad, and then starts having terrifying visions of Ash’s dead grandmother. She knows she’s being warned about Ash or Brad, but which one is it?

Jo’s Dilemma is an intriguing and absorbing romance, divided between the chilly streets of Edinburgh and the sunny paradise of the Algarve. It will keep you guessing right up to the last page.



 JO'S DILEMMA - Chapter 1

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Lynsey's Secret

Jack Forrest is a married man with a secret. He has persuaded his partner in their Estate Agent business, James Bolton, to employ Lynsey Robson as Team Secretary.

Lynsey previously lived in Glasgow, but Jack has helped her to move to the Lanarkshire area so that she can be nearer to him. He has a confession to make to his wife and is having difficulty in "biting the bullet". James, however, takes against Lynsey because Jack has insisted on employing her. He decides to try to get rid of her and begins to make her life a misery in any way that he can.

As the story progresses, Lynsey and James are almost always at loggerheads. Lynsey, through no fault of her own, becomes enmeshed in a web of deceit and a certain amount of intrugue. Against this background of relationships in crisis Lynsey's mother, Julia, makes an appearance and events begin to escalate.

If you would like to read the first chapter on this website, click on link: CHAPTER 1

BEST 4-STAR REVIEW (Goodreads) - Julie Whiteley:

Rosanna's novels seem to not only focus on romance, but also on the family dynamic. There is one main couple, but the whole family is involved and at stake through out the novel. I really like that about her novels.

Families are complicated under the best of circumstances, but throw some serious issues in that are very, very, sensitive, that could tear apart relationships forever and you've a page turner! I read this one practically in one sitting. 


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