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Goodreads Giveaway

28/04/2015 13:51
Only a couple of days to go now before the Goodreads Giveaway of Lola's Money closes!

Goodreads Giveaway

02/04/2015 16:24
'Lola's Money' is now on a Goodreads 'Giveaway', which means that ten lucky people will win a free paperback copy of the book. The closing date for applicants is 1 May 2015. Good luck!  

Goodreads Giveaway of Lola's Money

14/03/2015 19:13
Lola's Money is registered for a free Giveaway (paperback edition). Enter to win: from 1 April till 1 May 2015 on  

New Novel - Lola's Money

20/02/2015 11:07
Lola's Money is now published and available on and Kindle.  

New Title

18/02/2015 16:13
Just about to publish new novel entitled 'Lola's Money'. 

Review/Interview Spotlight on Book Review website

24/11/2013 16:20
Julie Whiteley, a US blogger who has reviewed more than 600 books, has put a review of April's Man onto the Book Review website today. It's a really good review and I'm very pleased with it. She has also posted a written interview on the site. Below is a link if you wish to read the...

All Four Novels now available on Kindle: APRIL'S MAN, KAREN'S AFFAIR, LYNSEY'S SECRET, JO'S DILEMMA

10/08/2013 18:00

New Book!

16/06/2013 18:35
My fourth novel, entitled April's Man, is now published in paperback and Kindle formats and is available on

Fourth Novel Published!

11/06/2013 17:23
My fourth novel, entitled April's Man, is now available in paperback from Kindle version imminent.

Fourth Novel

15/04/2013 12:43
I am currently working on the final draft of my fourth novel (entitled April's Man).  I hope it will be ready to publish within the next few weeks!  
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